Does Taiwan support Canadian Government Corruption?


10 Oct 2020 

Does Taiwan support Canadian Government Corruption?

By Rene Helmerichs

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1. Taiwan's deceptive history
2. Taiwan orders psychiatrist to decide whether prosecutors can read English
3. A catch-up: government-condoned Canadian medical malpractice
4. Corruption of prosecutors in Taiwan (introducing Taiwan)
5. Conclusion and personal pleas of assistance
6. Postscript: Canada's legal problem

1. Taiwan's deceptive history:

Happy Ten-Ten Day!

On this day in 1945, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) agreed to end the Chinese Civil War.

On 10 Oct 1945, two armies within China, the Chinese Nationalists and Chinese Communists, agreed that the Republic Of China government (ROC) should be a democratic government.  The Chinese Nationalists (KMT) and the Chinese Communists (CCP) became the first two official political parties of the ROC government.  Thereafter, they wrote the Constitution of the ROC, declaring all of China a democratic country effective 1 Jan 1947.

Unfortunately, the man leading the KMT army was a dictator.  Since a dictatorship is not a democracy, the Chinese Nationalist party continued to rule China without regard to the newly formed Constitution.  The people of China revolted, and the KMT (not the official China government) fled to Taiwan at the end of 1949.  At that point, the public majority voted out the KMT party.  The people of China voted the Communist Party to lead government. 

After the rightwing Chinese Nationalists fled to Taiwan, the CCP promptly renamed the Chinese government "The People's Republic Of China" (PRC) and moved the capital to Beijing.

Currently in Taiwan, the KMT does not admit that it was only allowed to use the name "Republic Of China" while the KMT ruled China.  After the KMT fled to Taiwan, the Republic Of China government remained on mainland China.  The government was officially renamed, and a new constitution began on the mainland.  The KMT refused to adopt the new government in Taiwan.

China's current claim to Taiwan is historic.  The Japanese surrendered the island of Taiwan to China on 2 Sept 1945 however the U.S.A. government prevented the Chinese Communist Party from receiving ownership.  The U.S. government sent troops and weapons to prevent the KMT dictatorship from losing control of Taiwan, after the U.S. attempted to stop the Communist Party from winning the majority government.

The KMT party remained a dictatorship on Taiwan until 1987.  The current government of Taiwan still relies on U.S.A. military, and weapons, to continue its claim of separation from Communist China.  But the claim is not solely about separation.

To this day, the Chinese Nationalist KMT party in Taiwan insists that the KMT was the official Chinese government when the KMT fled to Taiwan.  In fact, the current Taiwan government still insists that the official "Republic Of China" government fled to Taiwan in 1949.  The KMT is not, and was not, the rightful heir of mainland China after the Constitution came into effect in 1947 because the KMT disrespected the principles of democracy.  The Communist Party gained control of the Republic Of China government in 1949 by majority opinion.  It was a crude majority vote using guns instead of ballots, but a majority vote nonetheless.

As the current Taiwan government continues to call itself the official Republic Of China government, the historical confusion is ongoing and clearly deceptive.  The United Nations attempted to correct the deception when it changed the official international designation of the Chinese government to "The People's Republic Of China" in 1971.

In celebration of Double-Ten Day, Tainan City in Taiwan scheduled 27354 fireworks beginning at 8 pm.  The question is: what is Taiwan celebrating?  When will the Taiwan government admit that the CCP gained legal and official control of the democratic Republic Of China government and that only the KMT dictatorship, not the ROC government, fled to Taiwan in 1949?


2. Taiwan orders psychiatrist to decide whether prosecutors can read English:

There is an ongoing dispute between the islands of Taiwan and the government of China, concerning the right of Taiwan to claim democratic independence.  It's akin to a finger a hand telling a thumb "I refuse to work with you.  You and I are just too different."  Taiwan points its finger at the thumb of its other hand, the U.S.A.  Taiwan effectively says "We get our weapons from them.  If they want to keep us as customers, they'll declare political support."  And the propaganda war continues.

There is an interesting twist developing: the use of psychiatrists in courts of law.  A submission to the Office Of The President of Taiwan reveals Taiwan's unconstitutional position.  The information was copied into a 12 Oct 2020 submission to the Tainan District Criminal Court case file (108年度易字第1170).  

In summary, the 12 Oct 2020 submission notifies the Taiwan Government that the Tainan City District Court is using psychiatrists to determine whether prosecutors can accurately read English!  That's just the tip of the ice-berg.  Tainan City prosecutors are demonstrating ongoing corruption as they attempt to conceal felony criminal fraud of a large English cram school in Taiwan.  Details are in the Criminal Court submission and letter to the Taiwan Office Of The President (PDF linked):


3. A catch-up: government-condoned Canadian medical malpractice:

How did we get to this point in our global sustainability-adjustment story?

In 2012, unbeknownst to the teacher, the treasurer of a local Christian church congregation in Barrie, Ontario, Canada accused a college teacher of stalking.  The congregation's minister supported the allegation, and added that the teacher might be abusing his son.  Police arrested the teacher on 3 Sept 2012 and dropped him off in a psychiatric hospital in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

The man was a college teacher with no history of mental health issues, no criminal record, not abusing his son, and not stalking the female treasurer whose company he abhorred.  That is how this story began.

Canadian police arrested the teacher after two church members, a male Community Of Christ Minister and a female Treasurer, accused the man of serious criminal offences.  In a report dated 4 Sept 2012, City Of Barrie police detective Brain Read also claimed police suspected the teacher of making bombs.  On paper, the man sounded like a terrorist.  An important question to ask is, "If a teacher is really making bombs, abusing children, and stalking women, doesn't he belong in federal prison instead of a psychiatric hospital?"

Canadian police didn't give the man a criminal trial.  They arrested the teacher and dropped him off at the nearest place of psychiatric incarceration.  The man wasn't allowed to return home, wasn't allowed to have a criminal trial, and wasn't allowed to call a lawyer or even notify someone to look after his son.

Psychiatrists insisted the two church officials were telling the truth.  The lead psychiatrist of the Barrie hospital, Ms. Anjana Chawla at the time, told the man that she (the psychiatrist) insists the man also loses custody of his son.

Inside the hospital prison, psychiatrists insisted that the man suffers severe mental illness, including delusions, while the man refused to admit to the criminal allegations.  Psychiatrist Chawla insisted the nursing team to refuse any supportive visitors, including the teacher's fiancée.

The Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms states that every criminally accused individual deserves a right to a criminal trial.  A criminal trial must occur BEFORE criminal allegations can be used against an individual in a psychiatric ward.  In practice, Canadian police ignore the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and frequently do not allow individuals accused of "being of harm to others" to receive a criminal trial. 

The college teacher decided to explore the subject and argued the point in court. 

The Superior Court Of Ontario, at Barrie in Canada, absolutely refused to discuss the issue.  Not only did the judge of case file C-13-205-SR deny any psychiatric submissions in the June 2014 trial, but Judge Mulligan also allowed prosecutors to file a criminal allegation which included the time period of the first allegation.  This is called a "Double Jeopardy".  A Double Jeopardy occurs, in law, when prosecutors incarcerate an individual twice on the basis of the same allegation over the same period of time.  Incarceration is defined as either a hospital prison or a correctional facility in Section 2 of the Criminal Code Of Canada.

In total, ten Canadian medical doctors made a united stand to argue their right to determine criminal guilt without a criminal court process.  Eight doctors defended the opinion of the first two.  The last doctor, who wasn't a psychiatrist but simply a general practitioner, bluntly told the teacher's family "This man is not allowed to live with his son.  It's bad for the son's health."

Canadian law currently allows psychiatrists to extend the incarceration of a criminal accused individual indefinitely.  None of the doctors allowed the man to audio or video record any of the "psychiatric sessions", which prosecutors use to establish criminal responsibility.  Psychiatrists also use the assessments to justify ongoing imprisonment independent of the court process. 

A Psychiatric Advocacy Office and general Office Of The Ombudsman are in place to support psychiatric prisoners, but these offices due not interfere in criminal matters.  There is no criminal procedure or criminal process in place to safeguard the rights of criminally accused individuals in hospitals in Canada.  And since a criminal is loosely defined as anyone "of harm to society", police can bring any criminally accused individual to any psychiatrist, and insist that the psychiatrist incarcerates the individual without a criminal trial, or bail hearing.  This is currently happening all throughout Canada.

The Ontario Court Of Justice refused the teacher's request to audio-record the psychiatric assessments on 3 July 2015, case file C-14-6966 at Barrie.  Judge Dawson heard Waypoint Center Of Mental Health (a big psychiatric hospital in Ontario) Chief Psychiatrist James Karagianis state that a patient, which psychiatrists feel is delusional, should not be allowed to have the ability to demonstrate whether or not psychiatrists took the statements out of context.  Reference the court transcript, page 37, included in complaint to the Law Society Of Ontario dated 26 July 2019.  The Law Society has not replied, despite assurance from the Law Society that each complaint is taken seriously. 

In court on 5 Aug 2015, Waypoint psychiatrist William Komer stated the teacher is delusional, and in need of court-ordered anti-psychotic injections, because the teacher is not fully aware of the criminal allegations against the teacher.  In fact, psychiatrist William Komer and the teacher disagreed about one particular allegation, which the teacher could verify was resolved, however the psychiatrist refused to verify the paperwork.  This is also proved in the Law Society submission. 

The author of these very words which you are now reading notes: I am the teacher about which I write, and I'm still trying to redress this wrong.  The Canadian teacher (I/me) fled to Taiwan on 30 December 2015.


4. Corruption of prosecutors in Taiwan (introducing Taiwan):

In Taiwan, the teacher received job offers to work at private English schools.  When a large English school in Tainan City, Taiwan, wanted the man to terminate a contract at a school in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, he inquired about the school.  The head of the teaching department at Kidsland Sesame Street in Tainan City replied (May 2017) that the school has over 5000 students and 330 employees.  The school receives about 5 million USD in annual revenue.  The teacher realized the advertising potential: 5000 students is approximately 25000 adult family members, and a lot of direct marketing ability.  

The head office of the English cram school (including 13 franchise locations of Taiwan's national "Sesame Street" private school chain) is located at:

No. 6, Lane 32, Section 2, Zhangrong Road, East District, Tainan City, Taiwan 701台南市東區長榮路二段326號)

The teacher met with the general manager of the English school, 江佩樺(Clare, and the head of the teaching department manager 徐乙彤(Denise, on 20 May 2017.  He explained the situation.  He specifically explained that Canadian doctors imprisoned him in psychiatric wards for 3 years.  When the school managers asked about a criminal record, the teacher said that he will fail Taiwan's national criminal record check requirement. 

Not only did the school managers increase the salary offering, and provided better working times, but they also removed the statutory criminal record check requirement from the teaching contract.  The teacher and school signed a two -year teaching contract on 26 May 2017.  The case has been in court since June 2018.

When the school discovered that the teacher advertised this story on the internet, school mangers 徐乙彤(Denise and 黃姿瑜(Stacy, both supporting the General Manager 江佩樺(Clare, demanded a meeting.  The meeting occurred on 28 Dec 2017.

At the 28 Dec 2017 meeting, school managers told the teacher that they did not want the school's clients learning about the teacher's Canadian criminal and psychiatric history.  The managers feared that the school would lose revenue if clients discovered that the school intentionally evaded Taiwan's statutory teacher requirements.

The teacher (I) never agreed to deceive anyone.

When the school insisted that the teacher deceive clients of the school, the man reacted by asking clients if they would help the teacher reunite with my son in Taiwan.  The general manager went to the local police and began criminal allegations of slander (libel) against the teacher.

That's correct: a major cram school in Taiwan intentionally evaded Taiwan's national criminal record check requirement, lied to clients in order to gain more revenue, and is now using prosecutors to keep the matter quiet, and the prosecutors are defending the school!

The teacher thought he might be able to help victims of the February 2018 earthquake in Hualien, Taiwan, by incorporating the event into this story.  Initially, a TV news company in Taiwan agreed to air the story, but the reporter went back on her word.  The teacher lost a significant amount of money in the agreement, which the reporter asked the man to give to the general public on 14 Feb 2018.  The man appeared on Set TV News channel 59 in Kaohsiung City on 15 Feb 2018.  The man inquired about a recording of the broadcast, since he didn't see it on TV.  The reported claimed Set TV News didn't keep a recording.

Following an attempt to involve the news, with a beneficial story to help Hualien earthquake victims, the teacher paid a translation company to write a sample of the damage this story can do to the reputation of the school.  School managers used the book as grounds to terminate the employment relationship however the book was written two months after the teacher left the school.

The man began civil court proceedings against the school in June 2018.  Not surprisingly, school managers gave false testimony in the Tainan District Civil Court case file (臺南區民事法院107年勞訴字第60).  Both Taiwan lawyers Wenying Ying (向文英) and Scott Lin (林泓帆) can verify school managers 江佩樺(Clare, 徐乙彤(Denise)、and 黃姿瑜(Stacy gave false testimony in Tainan District Court on 26 Nov 2018.  The managers specifically denied that the teacher told the school about his Canadian imprisonment.  The teacher submitted a voice-speech transcription of the 20 May 2017 meeting to the court.  However the Judge 羅郁棣 ignored the evidence on 24 Dec 2018 and ruled that the school managers correctly dismissed the teacher becomes he did not submit the criminal record check, which the school told the man not to submit.  Hmm.

On 18 Aug 2020 the Tainan District branch of Taiwan's High Court also ruled that the school did not wrongfully terminate the employment of the man, and the court ruled that there shall be no more appeal. 

The school still claims that the man did not provide a criminal record check and that the man intentionally damages the reputation of the school.  Both grounds are false, since the school told the man not to submit the criminal record check, and the man's written statements about the school are a defence against major corporate criminal fraud.

An earthquake happened in Tainan City on the same day that the Tainan district High Court Judge gave the illogical verdict.  Reminder, the statements which the school alleges are criminal were published two months after the man refused to continue working at the school.

Currently, Taiwan prosecutors claim they investigated the alleged defamatory statements.  A list of the statements is included in the 12 Oct 2020 submission:

The court sent the man to see a psychiatrist about the truth of the defamatory statements, since a delusion is confusion about truth.  The court scheduled the assessment on 13 Oct 2020.

Earlier, the Legal Aid Foundation of Taiwan offered a lawyer: 謝菖澤 (Jason).  Jason explained that the criminal process involves three basic steps:

1. determine whether a crime occurred

2. determine whether the crime was justified

3. if a crime occurred, and the crime is not justified, sentence the accused.

The lawyer also informed the man that prosecutors believe the man is trying to extort money from the school.  The specific statement involves the ditransitive English verb "buys".  A ditransitive verb is a verb accompanies two objects.  If the second half of the sentence is completely ignored, the first half could sound like extortion: "NT$250 buys me".  However NT$250 is about 9 USD, and that's really not anything worthy of a criminal felony extortion allegation.  The statement is without extortion because the second half of the statement ("1000 advertisements") indicates that the money does not buy the person, but a product.

The allegation is particularly intriguing because a Taiwan Criminal Court judge ordered the man to attend a psychiatric assessment to determine whether the allegation is true.  This is akin to asking the psychiatrist to contact the print shop and verify that 1000 A5-sized advertisements cost only 9 USD. 

Prosecutors insist that the man is trying to extort (NT$250 times 1000 =) NT$250000 (about 9000 USD) from the school, based on an incorrect Chinese translation of the polite warning.  The intention of the statement was simply: "It is inexpensive to print advertisements in Taiwan.  You might want to think about making peace and not war."  Prosecutors also allege the man is threatening the school with that statement.

Mental illness is different from a physical handicap because it invariably involves a delusion about reality.  The psychiatrist is supposed to assess whether or not the man suffers from delusion.

The man was not demanding money from the school.  How the prosecutors arrived at the amount of 250,000 NT is beyond understanding.

Lawyer 謝菖澤 (Jason) informed the man that the court cannot lawfully order a psychiatric assessment of criminal responsibility until the court determined whether a crime occurred.  On 28 Sept 2020, lawyer Scott Lin (林泓帆) informed the man that the court has not completed a criminal investigation.

There's also an ongoing issue with communication.  Lawyers in Taiwan commonly insist that the man's wife should translate legal documents.  However the man's wife is not a professional translator, and does not understand Chinese legal terms. 

The man asked his government-appointed lawyer to submit a letter to the court explaining how the prosecutors are intentionally ignoring the fact that the school is committing criminal fraud.  The man has waited two years to have the truth of the defamatory statements investigated.  If the statements are true, then they are not criminal but a legitimate defence against ongoing crimes against the man.


5. Conclusion and personal pleas of assistance:

The court previously told me that all submissions to court in Taiwan must be made in Chinese.

Would you believe the lawyer told the teacher that, since the man (me/I) wrote the letter, that I should submit it to the court?  Scott Lin (林泓帆) replied, in Chinese, on 7 Oct 2020, that he's unwilling to submit the letter.  The letter is in English.  It's included in the 12 Oct 2020 submission:

Here's a copy of the 25 Sept 2019 Taiwan Criminal Court indictment against me (it began in 2018).  It's all in Chinese.  I can't read Chinese.  Maybe in a few years Google's legalese will be good enough:

Since the court isn't willing to help me translate my defence, and the lawyer isn't willing to submit my defence, and the Legal Aid Foundation refused to provide translation services, we can understand why the court would want a psychiatrist to verify whether or not prosecutors are able to read English accurately.

Since a psychiatrist is not qualified to determine whether or not a statement is criminally false, the psychiatrist is actually not qualified to conduct the assessment until after the court provides a criminal investigation report.  My wife did help me to translate the truth of each allegedly false statement.  I submitted proof of the truth of my statements to the court on 29 April 2020.  Reference case file (108年度易字第1170) in the Tainan District Criminal Court:

Proof of each alleged defamatory statements is included (in the large PDF) to verify that the statements are not criminal since they are part of an ongoing self-defence against corporate fraud.  I'm still trying to restore my reputation in Canada.  The Law Society Of Ontario submission is found on the first blog post on this blog.  A PDF copy is available at


Rene Helmerichs

updated 27 Oct 2020

previous 10 Oct 2020 (contact for copy)

Contact via Facebook:


6. Canada's legal problem:

I did trace the root of the Canadian legal problem: the problem of permitting psychiatrists (not trained legal professionals) procedure exception from the due criminal court process.  The problem is an utter lack of legal definition of the word "mind".

The term "mental disorder" is defined in section to of Canada's Criminal Code, and "mental assessments" are defined elsewhere, but the thing that the assessments evaluate is not defined.  Mind is not defined.  It's assumed to be "brain", but the brain does not think because thinking is able to bridge time (memory is the ability to bridge time) and the brain is bound to time (not able to transcend or bridge time except to appear to proceed one-directionally forward in time).  Note that memory of the future is merely a vision of a potential outcome, which anyone can have as easily as remember a past event.  Also let it be said that the best future is always singular because it includes all and opposes none, this is why all countries in the world agree that sustainability is a good thing.

Psychiatrists assume the word "mind" means "brain", however religions all over the world insist that the "mind" of "God" is eternal.  "Eternal" means always shared and always available.  If God exists, and God has a mind, then God's mind is our mind, and our mind is not our brain.  If our mind is not our brain, then our thinking processes can continue after death and reincarnation is a fact (as well as ghosts, spirits, psychic phenomena, etc). 

Currently, the Canadian government has an agreement with the Catholic Church to implement religious education in Canada, nationally.  A basic tenet of Catholicism, and all Christianity as well as Islam, is "one eternal mind" exists.  However, in courts of law, Canada gives psychiatrists supreme authority of our shared eternal mind, which psychiatrists claim does not exist: psychiatrists insist all human thought comes from the human brain, and special "pills" can direct that thought.  Think about it: if a pill could actually alter thought, an enlightened society would be addicted to medicine.  That's the stuff of slavery, not compassion, caring, or true inspiration.


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