A legal argument against psychiatry in Canada

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An argument began about the word "God".  A Mormon treasurer accused a college teacher of Criminal Harassment.  If the teacher was criminally harassing anyone, it was senior USA leaders, not the local treasurer.  The teacher walked up to a police officer and asked to be arrested, on 3 Sept 2012, to correct the false allegation.  Police arrested the man and imprisoned him at RVH hospital in Barrie, where he was left to argue with psychiatrists.  Psychiatrists accused the man of claiming to be "God", and stated, matter of fact, that the man was clearly guilty of criminally harassing the treasurer.  No evidence was heard, no trial was had, and the fact that the man advocates for an God non-physical origin of, and with, us all equally, directly implies that the man is very much not God.

In June 2014, Ontario Superior Court trial judge Gregory Mulligan allowed two Mormon witnesses to commit criminal perjury (give false testimony), denied any and all psychiatric-related evidence, allowed police to make a criminal arrest without offering any form of trial to refute the allegation, told the jury they could see a particular police report before excusing the jury to dismiss the key report after Ontario prosecutor Kathryn Hull redacted the report to remove psychiatric references.  The trial case file is C-13-205-SR at Barrie, Ontario.  After the trial, the judge committed the defendant back into an insane asylum after telling the jury that the defendant has served his time and is to be released from custody.

Seven years later, the story is in Taiwan, the Republic Of China.

The story reveals intentional psychiatric fraud currently occurring throughout all parts of Canada.  The specific problem is the lack of legal definition for the word "mind".  Psychiatrists assume "mind" and "brain" are the same, but in other parts of the world, like China, "mental illness" doesn't translates into "disease of the spirit".  Psychiatrist purpose that pills can cause a person to think differently.  If the pill cannot of itself think, then the belief in the validity of the psychiatrist is the mechanism on which the efficacy of a pill to affect thought rests.  If Jesus didn't walk around handing out chicken soup to find the soul, but empowering others to understand the true nature of mind, has The Argument really changed that much in 2000 years?

The full story is available in a single, easy-to-access, FREE global news story (direct link above) at http://vote.rene4pm.ca

The Choice 
Amidst The Argument In The Business Of Being Happy:
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PDF document submitted to the Law Society Of Ontario (LSO) on 19 July 2019
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PDF document also submitted in a real book (with DVD) to the Tainan District High Court Of Justice in Taiwan, Republic Of China, on 26 July 2019.

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Rene Helmerichs, legal Chinese name: 是瑞內
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27 July 2019

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