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The Ontario, Canada, government has a secret:
Trial Judge Gregory Mulligan allowed two Mormon witnesses to commit criminal perjury (give false testimony) during the June 2014 trial for C-13-205-SR at Barrie, Ontario.

The allegation is fully backed with a story that reveals intentional psychiatric fraud currently occurring throughout all parts of Canada, because the Canadian law allows it.

The full story will appear in the upcoming book

The Choice 
Amidst The Argument In The Business Of Being Happy:
unbecoming conduct of Canadian and Chinese public officials, and the global end to arguments about the three-letter-word GOD.

The work is nearing a first formally published, and sold, manuscript.  When completed, a free .PDF copy of the manuscript, with all necessary supporting legal documents from Ontario and The Republic Of China, will be posted at (will update this when I have a full .pdf file ready, we can NEVER be sure of ANYTHING in a world doomed to forever change, except the fact that WE are equally unconscious, unaware, of a shared eternal reality BECAUSE the world is ALWAYS in motion--motion, btw, denotes a message.)

In the meantime, ongoing revisions are kept in this folder:

Rene Helmerichs
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29 May 2019