PDF submission to LSO, 19 July 2019

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PDF document submitted to the Law Society Of Ontario (LSO) on 19 July 2019
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PDF is moderate-sized (33MB), if loading stalls on Smartphones: can download, then open from device.

Total 666 pages including: 500+ necessary support documents, a mix of court transcripts, police reports, witness statements, picture evidence, actual emails, etc.  The complete story is in Chinese and English, and font size 14 for easier reading, so really not that bad.

The title's been changed slightly, as writing becomes ever more normal.  My writing is directly affected by the audience to which I write.  In this case, i began a story for all, because, simply, if one is going to undertake a marketing adventure story, why begin with a limited idea?  The new byline simply reads "a course in miracles for worldwide peace".  This was the intention from the start, and still remains the objective.

Book Contents:

The Ontario, Canada, government has a secret.  Ontario Superior Court trial judge Gregory Mulligan allowed two Mormon witnesses to commit criminal perjury (give false testimony), denied any and all psychiatric-related evidence, allowed police to make a criminal arrest without offering any form of trial to refute the allegation, told the jury they could see a particular police report before excusing the jury to rule that said 4 Sept 2012 report cannot be submitted after Ontario prosecutor Kathryn Hull redacted the report to remove psychiatric references, and then committed the defendant back into an insane asylum after telling the jury that the defendant is to be released from custody, all during the June 2014 trial for C-13-205-SR at Barrie, Ontario.

The allegation is fully backed with a story that reveals intentional psychiatric fraud currently occurring throughout all parts of Canada, because the Canadian law refuses to respect that "mind" cannot be assumed to mean "brain" if The Pope is at all correct about Catholics retaining awareness after detaching from their physical flesh.

The full story is available in a single, easy-to-access, FREE global news story at http://vote.rene4pm.ca

The Choice 
Amidst The Argument In The Business Of Being Happy:
a course in miracles for worldwide peace.

Rene Helmerichs, my legal Chinese name: 是瑞內
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19 July 2019