The 2021 Plan Helping Taiwan

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The 2021 Plan Helping Taiwan avoids a military confrontation with China.  The goal is to unite Asia.  The plan is not to stop.  The expected result is an international educational hub, not influenced by money or politics.  To accomplish the plan, a story began in 2012.  The story continues in Taiwan.


Draft Letter to Churches, to ensure global freedom of religion (harmless creative expression):


The Plan helping Taiwan:

A.        Brief history of China-Taiwan

B.        Global Unification Plan

C.        Macro-macro Perspective

D.        Plan's Origin: the Canadian start

E.         The story continues in Taiwan

F.         Solving confusion: eternal socialism?

G.        End-notes


A.    Brief history of China-Taiwan 

Since 1927, the Republic Of China (ROC) government controlled all of China.  Both the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Chinese Nationalist Party, "Kuomintang" (KMT) were part of the Republic Of China (ROC) government.  It wasn't much of a democratic government.  The CCP was still very small and the KMT ruled like a dictator.  The KMT controlled a very large army.  After forcibly uniting different parts of China, in-fighting began between the KMT and communist supporters in 1927.  The Civil war lasted until 1949, when the KMT fled to Taiwan.


During the Second World War, the CCP and KMT made a temporary truce to defend China against invading Japanese forces.  The CCP gained a lot of supporters during the peace.  After WWII, the CCP and KMT entered peace talks.  On about 10 October 1945 (the Double Tenth Agreement), the KMT agreed that the CCP was the "official opposition" party of the KMT in the ROC government.  "Official opposition" doesn't mean "fighting", it means "second-in-charge".  The CCP was shared authority with the KMT in the ROC government.


In 1946, both the CCP and KMT were part of the same Republic Of China (ROC), and the ROC ruled all of China.  Together, they wrote the Constitution of the ROC.  A Constitution is a basic law.  It took effect in 1947.  The 1947 Constitution of the ROC is currently used in Taiwan, in the year 2020.


The 1947 ROC Constitution declared China (all of China) a democracy.  It might have been a democracy before that, but only in writing.  In practice, the ROC remained a dictatorship.  In a dictatorship, the man who controls the biggest army dictates the location of the capital city.  In a democracy, the opinion of the majority determines the government.  A democracy doesn't mean "one person orders the majority to have the same opinion". 


The CCP continued to resist KMT dictatorship.  On 2 Oct 1949, Mao Zedong (leader of the CCP army in 1949) renamed the ROC the People's Republic Of China (PRC). 


In December 1949, Chiang Kai-shek (leader of the KMT army) fled to Taiwan and kept the name Republic Of China (ROC).  That marked the end of the Chinese Civil War (1927 to 1949).  Mainland China became communist and Taiwan became a dictatorship. Democracy existed nowhere in China.


About 30 years ago, in 1987, the KMT allowed a second political party to form and Taiwan became democracy. 


The question is: who owns Taiwan?  Clearly there's a government on the island.  But is the government the rightful heir to the name "Republic Of China" or did the CCP rightfully rename the ROC as The People's Republic Of China (PRC) after the KMT fled to Taiwan?


The answer doesn't really matter to this 2021 Plan.  Logically speaking, one can argue: because the KMT fled from mainland China, and China was democratic, the 1947 ROC Constitution legally gave the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) control of the government by majority opinion.  However, actions matter more than beliefs. 


China began a National Security Law in 2020.  The purpose of the law is consistency.  Consistency promotes sustainability, and sustainability requires peace.  The plan asks the assistance of China to help Canada conform to International Law.  In exchange, Canada opens its boarders to Chinese citizens, and Taiwan becomes a member country of the United Nations.  This plan describes a way to make this work, without harm, and side-stepping politics.



B.    Global Unification Plan

Taiwan represents Western ideologies within a closed Eastern environment.  If we think of the universe in terms of a tree, Taiwan would be the seed, and socialism the soil.  When the environment is in balance, socialism is community-ism.  Add a measure of global capitalism, and socialism becomes the hated and feared word communism.  Soil can become barren as in an autocratic government, or polluted as in capitalist tendencies of political democracies. 


  1. Understand expectations religious organizations have with respect to registered ideals and absolve of international conflict, with the West as much as the East (applies equally).
    1. Explain the Taiwan-China political situation and China's legal authority over the government of Taiwan.
    2. Christian churches are registered business entities, usually as charitable corporations.  Each country approves the operating principles of registered business.  The cooperation, in turn, passes its own bylaws to ensure cooperation with high (beyond-country) goals, but the country must approve the bylaws.
    3. China abhors religion.  Taiwan welcomes churches.  Religious freedom is at risk in China's 2020 National Security Law, designed to stop dissidence within the legal territories of China, because a country retains the right to cancel business licences.
  2. Expectation leads to disappointment and upset, but also reveals willingness and ability to work together.  Understanding an organization's expectations, generally described in the Articles Of Incorporation, allows individuals to understand organizations.
  3. Design a not religious educational non-government organization, NGO.  All legally registered non-for-profit businesses are incorporated NGOs.  The NGO reconciles the idea of an eternal mind (the idea behind every major religion) and a thinking brain (the idea behind psychiatry).
  4. The NGO's purpose is to build an international knowledge-sharing hub, a new city.  This requires formal international agreement.  Canada has a lot of space, and can easily accommodate a new city
  5. This plan includes a legal argument able to entice the Canadian government into agreement, with enough advertising support from China.  The plan includes a reciprocal peaceful agreement with China to allow open-boarder access to, at least, Ontario Canada.  All Republic Of China and People's Republic Of China citizens will be able to travel to and from Canada without need of visas. 
  6. The governing structure of the city is pure socialism.  Worldwide governments are expected to carefully monitory the self-governing state which is designed as an ultimately "proof of concept" that a heavenly co-existence, without special regard of money, can exist on earth.
  7. The NGO's purpose in Taiwan is Education, and use of the Canadian legal situation to resolve ownership disputes concerning Taiwan.  Ownership is determined with an agreement to work together, to correct worldwide legal inconsistencies.
  8. Register the NGO -- it takes 30 people to do this in Taiwan
  9. Advertise the NGO in Taiwan.  Begin with letters to religious organizations to probe expectations, and lead into discussions of formal partnership.
  10. Apply to international Foundations and philanthropists to help fund the employee and overhead costs of the Taiwan educational NGO, tentatively called The Church Of Socialism.


Your choice matters because cooperation is the way of miracles, and miracles collapse the need of time.  Miracles are forever independent of religion and churches.



C.    Macro-macro Perspective


Globally and individually, each person retains a unique concept of God.  This causes confusion.  Since a true concept of God must include everything, everyone, and be without limit, God must be eternal.  The idea that "God is country" is not wrong.  "Not wrong" doesn't mean "not right" because not implies change.


If God is eternal, if eternity exists, then constancy originated sentience.  Thereafter, in the cosmic instance before time, sentience begat consciousness.  Conscious is the ability to communicate, and the ability to question "Is this all I am?" 


At this point, the "big bang" would have happened, if it happened, because quantum physics suggests the universe didn't explode "outward" but rather "appeared" from everywhere all at once, like a fuzzy digital picture becoming clearer.  Multi-space "qubits" are the non-physical physics versions of pixels.  Qubits work like ever-subdividing pixels into finer and finer real-life expression.


The universe of time and change (as we know it) followed the shift into self-awareness, to explore every possible concept of "I am".


Eternity must be everywhere and nowhere, being without limit.  "Coming from nowhere" and "being with nowhere" are different.  "Coming from nowhere" means "not able to change".  The ability to change must come from a common and limitless (i.e. real but changeless) state in order to retain cohesion and the ability of order. 


The paradox is how changelessness can produce change.  The answer is simple: perception is according to one's latent wishes, questions, desires but the ability never ceases.


If God is not country, then country came from nowhere, and the process originating country, the universe, cannot allow molecules to move.  Movement only means a message is being communicated, not what that message is.  Nowhere and nothing cannot foster meaning, because they represent an origin in opposition to the ability to communicate.  They bear the imaginary mark of eternal confusion.


Since the universe is always changing, and "always" earmarks eternity, "Country" is eternally a real-time expression of the universe.  The changing process of the country shares the common ability to communicate.


In effect, "God is country" is a better statement than "I have to do rituals to find God in a secret somewhere" because country is one's environment, and how one treats one's environment is a direct reflection of what one thinks of one's creative ability. 


Arguably, one should desire to make one's country the best country in the world.  Legal consistency dictates the path to global sustainability.


In the world, laws must be consistent.  The reason laws work is because they strive to attain a constant foundation, and constancy never ends.  If something doesn't end, then the end is forever starting.  Laws change to become more consistent as perspective becomes more encompassing.


In the end, we have to acknowledge every other person as an expression of our very own mind, an eternal sentience, not alterable with forced medical treatment.  The Global Unification Plan is proposal to mitigate ongoing West-East conflict and ensure our own common survival.



D.    Plan's Origin: the Canadian start


The idea is very simple.  The goal is to unite the world. 

The process is getting everyone to act on the underlying agreement.  At times, microscopic perspectives obscure a macroscopic outlook.  

It began with two minds who agreed to build an impossible university in Western Canada, a knowledge-sharing hub not under the exclusive jurisdiction of any one country's government but established according to international principle: "not possible" becomes "not impossible" then "extremely challenging" until finally "it just takes time" and "a hobby takes all the time it can get".  Agreement collapses need of time.

The project effectively creates a new country, one that exists as physical antonym, but not in actual opposition, to the hierarchy of The World Bank.  A city-state like the Vatican inside the country of Italy, except completely self-sufficient, of harm to none, entirely without loss, absolutely consistent and worldwide public, not mutually exclusive, and, of course, NOT RELIGIOUS.  Consistency promotes eternity.  Eternity is limitless, always everywhere and nowhere thus pointless to worship or argue.  Notably: nothing eternal can produce an ever-changing universe except in the confusion of considering change as real, so respect the environment (home and planet) as God and help sort the global confusion about it.

A letter postmarked 5 May 2012 to The Canadian Charities Directorate earmarks the goal to extend and include more people.  Thereafter, officials of Canada enacted an implied agreement to fund the project.

Canada is the second largest country in the world with 9.9 million square kilometres of territory.  In 2020, it had an average population density of about 4 people per square kilometre according to Statistics Canada, but over 80% is uninhabited according to The Canada Guide.  That's as much as the whole country of Australia or the conterminous 48 states of the USA, or more than twice the size of India, just empty natural land in Canada.  This project displaces zero people once Canada's sovereign repatriates one USA-survey township--36 sections of land, about 93.6 square kilometres, 0.001 % of the empty space currently inside Canada's boarders.

The argument began on 3 Sept 2012 in Barrie, Ontario, against psychiatrists in Canada.

Two psychiatrists, Dr. Liaqat Ali and Dr. Anjana Chawla, kept a college teacher imprisoned on presumption of criminal guilt.  A local church minister claimed three mosquito bites on the neck of the man's son might be child abuse.  A treasurer of the church accused the teacher of unwanted communication.  Local police suggested the man might be making bombs.  On paper, the teacher appeared to be a lunatic.

The teacher had no criminal history and no history, not personal or family, of mental health issues.  He was 35 years old.  The allegations of child abuse and stalking were false.  Inside the insane asylum, the teacher met others whom police arrested on presumption of criminal guilt, but who never received a trial.

Psychiatrists immediately prescribed pills.  No prisoner of the psychiatric ward was allowed to refute any criminal accusation.  Psychiatrists never gave a trial to determine criminal guilt.  Arguing with psychiatrists was proof enough of delusion.  Psychiatrists continually introduced (tested) the newest medications.  If patients didn't swallow pills, psychiatrists declared the patient incompetent and used forced injections.  A repeated objection became Oppositional Defiant Disorder.  Psychiatrist Anjana Chawla declared the man to suffer from Delusional Disorder because he would not admit to his crimes in the face of false hearsay evidence.  

A true concept, by definition, does not change.  Psychiatrists presume the patient is deluded to explain any "unusual" thinking, such as trying to explain to the psychiatrist that the ability of memory bridges time and therefore must originate from some part of self that is not confined to linear time.  Psychiatrists insist that the brain thinks, and not a quantum mind or eternal spirit because physical medication can only affect the physical part of self.  Because the body is always changing, renewing its self-concept, it is not true and therefore a delusion, but psychiatrists also insist that the psychiatrist is always right: "trust the doctor."  The man witnessed no counselling to logically debunk any delusion.  If he laughed at the ridiculous proposition of a thinking brain, psychiatrists noted "laughter" and recorded "hysteria" in support of more pills.

This example of a delusional psychiatrist comes from an excerpt of the 26 October 2012 psychiatric session between Georgian College teacher Rene Helmerichs (RH) and psychiatrist Dr. Anjana Chawla (AC), at Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre in Barrie Ontario.  Anjana removed Rene's right to refused medication on 22 Oct 2012 and already began forced medical injections based entirely on the doctor's belief that Rene was guilty of child abuse and sexual harassment, which the doctor called a "love obsession".  Rene's fiancee Lindsay visited from Taiwan and slipped Rene his cell phone to record this.  The doctor was not aware of the recording:

AC: Ok, so anyone can be Prime Minister

RH: Yes, but how many of us actually make a plan?

AC: Right, anybody can be and anybody can make plans but you made a comment that, "I want to be king of Barrie"

RH: I didn't make a comment that I wanted to be king of Barrie--

AC: It's documented

RH: Then correct the documentation.  I have never at any point said "king of Barrie."  As a matter of fact, at the second hearing, I correct you from your comment that it wasn't "king of Barrie".  I would like to be "king of the world and the internet counts."  So at that point you have to ask yourself, "Well, how can you be king of the world and say that the internet counts because if you're king of the world on the internet then it's not an actual physical king who wears a crown."  Do you see the difference?

AC: What would you do as King?  What would be a responsibility?

RH: Ah God, it's symbolic. 

AC: Is it?  Ok.

RH: That's what the internet is.

AC: In the hearing [on 22 Oct 2012] you told me something to do with the churches, so that you can unite the churches--[the psychiatrist suggested incorrect thinking.]

RH: No.

AC: --and correct the misperceptions.... That's what you said at the hearing.

RH: No.  You cannot force unity, at all.  The unity can't be gotten at by any one person dictating as in a dictatorship.  If you are perceiving my dream, of whatever you want to call it as a title, as being anything remotely of the form of being a dictator--is incorrect.  The only way you can unite something is by pointing out the silliness of being separate.  And so if two churches are arguing about "One God" then let's talk to them about what they're arguing about God about, see if we can't correct those so that they work with each other so that we finally have--there's a pact between the five major Christian churches, or four major Christian churches at the Catholic Church--form a pact like that with all the churches don't leave out the Jehovah Witnesses or the Community of Christ people or the Mormons.

AC: So you would achieve that how?

RH: That part is a DREAM.

AC: But how would you achieve that?  By being King?

RH: King of the Internet is something I would be well known by, which I would need to be if I was to become Prime Minister.

fyi, this complete answer to AC's question was given to hospital prison staff earlier:

The Canadian public votes a new Prime Minister every few years, but the position is not the same as a president or boss.  Canada is a Kingdom.  The king or queen of the United Kingdom (U.K.) has final authority over Canada.  While the UK queen or king is not in Canada, a Governor General (GG) acts as king or queen.  The GG is able to veto (to cancel or change) any law, as well as transfer land from Canada to begin building a United Nations university independent of every country.  How does one become the GG?  The Prime Minister usually recommends a friend to the UK king or queen, and the UK king or queen historically always assigns that person the Office Of Governor General of Canada.  The minimum requirements to build a university on its own separate country are support of a critical number of Canadians, and the legal authority of the GG.  A newly elected Prime Minister retains both the necessary support and the potential authority of the GG.  If the teacher were elected, he would nominate himself to the queen or king of England as Canada's Governor General and the runner up in the federal election becomes the new Prime Minister.  In that way, also, will every political debate between potential federal incumbents be a non-issue: "That's a good idea.  How about you handle that if you become Prime Minister?  Don't you think it's time that Canada became a true democracy and elected the Governor General instead of a puppet called the Prime Minister?  I'm after the GG position, and with it, to ensure that Canada becomes a true democracy."

AC: And what about the circumstances that brought you to the hospital, where you offered marijuana to the police and asked to be arrested.  Explain that.

RH: I will.  I never at any point offered marijuana to the police.  I DID ask to be arrested and the police officer said "Ok."'re arrested for possession."  And I said "Great, let's go."


RH: So my Mum has diagnosed me with a disorder?

AC: No.  She gave us symptoms; I diagnosed--the doctor before me, Dr. Liaqat Ali diagnosed

RH: Dr. Ali has also gone on record to lie about me.  He was telling the jury (at the first hearing) that I was telling people that they could fly by flapping their arms.  How is that?  At what point would I say that?  I am a commercial pilot.

AC: Have you ever flown?

RH: I have a commercial pilot's license.

AC: You have training?

RH: I have a commercial pilot's licence--

AC: Which comes out of training, right?  You didn't print it off the internet did you?

RH: No.  I went to school for it.

AC: Right, Ok.  We're going off topic.  So, I want to discuss the plan.  This is my plan.  If you take your injection, after you take your injection we'll all sit down--I would like to speak to your mum first and then we'll all sit down, you'll be given a weekend pass and if the weekend is uneventful then Monday you go home.  To be followed, as an outpatient, by me--so that's another thing that's in the mix.  If by Friday the CTO [Community Treatment Order] is not in place then you don't go home.  As a result of the CTO, if you don't take your medication or you don't follow up, if there are any concerns, you don't have to go to emerge you will come straight to us.  That CTO allows us to get you from the community to be admitted straight to us. 

RH: I really don't want to come back here.

AC: Right.  You'll have to follow the suggestions made in the CTO.  Part of that would be to take your medications.  Part of that would be to follow up with a psychiatrist which in this case is me, I don’t think I can find anyone to replace me and I don't really want to.

City Of Barrie police detectives Tanya Lynch and Troy Armstrong arrived at the man's residence on 1 Sept 2012, to investigate the claim of child abuse.  Three days after the hour-long police search, detective Brian Read wrote that the man is suspected of making bombs in a report dated 4 Sept 2012.  The man was not made aware of the 4 Sept 2012 report.

Earlier in 2012, on April 21st the Community Of Christ Church held an 8-hour "Good Sense Budget" at Grove Park Home in Barrie.  The international mega-church brainwashes people of all nations to tithe 10 percent of their income to their local congregations.  The church insisted that the bible, "The Word Of God", demands everyone pay ten percent to God.  To be clear: the bible does tell anyone to give any physical object to God, or in the name of God, and certainly not promote I-doll worship.  Equally incorrect is the idea of giving away money in order to get "God" claiming "God" and money are separate.  If God is eternal, everyone is WITH God, so there's no point selling God.  To insinuate a relationship between tithing, a monetary payment to church, and entering heaven, is criminal fraud.  The man argued the point via email to senior USA ministers.  In ridiculous emphasis, the man invoiced the Church a Dodge Viper (a type of car).  Senior USA minister Timothy Stanlick understood the joke, and told local minister Matthew Swain to contact the police in August 2012.  At that point, false accusations against the teacher began.

On 1 Sept 2012, police detectives threatened the man with arrest, if he continues to argue the point about an all-equal God.  The International Mormon Community Of Christ (not the white-shirt Mormon door-knockers, but their cousins) used the local police to threaten the man.  The man spent a day and night considering the ramifications of the situation, and decided that the ensuring legal argument could help governments identify local church congregations as merely another business which is equally as liable of committing criminal fraud as Bernard Madoff (currently in jail) and Charles Pontzi (1882-1949) were.

The college teacher approached City Of Barrie police sergeant Douglas Henderson on 3 Sept 2012.  The man offered himself to the police in order to begin criminal proceedings against the church.  Realistically, the man knew that he was at the mercy of a broken, out-of-control legal system.  If the police were in league with the Church, or otherwise unwilling to uphold legal fairness, the argument would simply expand to engulf more people, which was equally necessary to ensure public support, future book sales, and a movie contract.

Sergeant Doug arrested the teacher.  The sergeant suggested the man go for a check-up at the hospital.  After all, what rational person walks up to a police officer and kindly asks to be arrested, in order to begin a public legal argument, based entirely on principle, with an existing government?  

It was 8 a.m. on a holiday Monday morning.  The city must have been sleeping, to allow a total of four police cars and six police officers to enjoy the joke at the over-sized Barrie hospital.  Police officers laughed at the incarcerated man through an open glass window.  One police officer entered and forcibly removed the man's voice recorder.  That was unnecessary and possibly unlawful.  Then, although the man was not resisting, four security guards held the man onto a bed.  Blood was forcibly removed, likely to ensure the man's body was not under the influence of harmful substances.  The man could only protest peacefully.  The law allows hospital employees to assault (hit, punch, kick) anyone whom hospital employees feel is of immediate harm.  The man wondered when police would honour their agreement.

At the end of the 26 Oct 2012 session, psychiatrist Dr. Anjana Chawla [AC], chief psychiatrist at Barrie's Royal regional hospital, threatened to keep the teacher incarcerated indefinitely until the teacher stops claiming that he is not delusional.  The doctor claimed that if the man attends a hearing to challenge the doctor's opinion, the doctor cannot end that patient's incarceration and must extent the incarceration because the patient is being uncooperative:

RH: I do have one request.  Halloween is before next weekend.  My Mum doesn't want to go out trick-or-treating with my kid.  Can I do like a 2-hour pass and just go out trick-or-treating and come back?

AC: I've given you two opportunities and both opportunities have backfired. 

RH: I've had things to do. 

[Stephanie Theresa Holts was a victim of police abuse, even previously sexually assaulted.  She injected Fentanyl to cope.  When police arrested her in October, they neglected to search her.  Fearing psychiatrists, Stephanie asked for help to dispose of her Fentanyl.  After 6 weeks, psychiatrists allowed the teacher a brief outdoor trip.  He passed the paraphernalia to Lindsay, who took a picture before disposing it.  The man blogged the picture, and psychiatrists later accused the man of being a crack addict.]

AC: I know, I know.  But they say, "Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me." I'm not going to let you fool me three times.

RH: What can I possibly do in 2 hours?

AC: I don't know; you are capable of many things.  So, what I would say is you get your third injection, we talk to your mom, and I will see what her thoughts are about you getting out of here.

RH: Are we having another hearing before then?

AC: You want to?

RH: I put a request in the other day for it.

AC: Up to you, then I will take the opportunity--It's going to go the same way as it's gone the other three times, Ok?  Most likely.  I can't say for sure.  Most likely.  If that happens then I'm going to keep you here for 30 days.  I mean 30 days from the time your [current] form [term of imprisonment] expires.

RH: Well, I've already put in [the request to start] the process to start the hearing.

AC: You can always stop it.

RH: You can always let me out for Halloween. 

AC: No.  That won't happen.  Because I have to make sure that I'm working in the best interests of you.

RH: So, if I go to a hearing then our deal for next weekend is out?

AC: Ya, because the--you're showing me that I can't trust the process we've spent the last whatever time discussing.

RH: Is that a threat?

AC: Is it?  Ya, I guess, in a way, we couldn't just leave it at that.  Alright, so why don't I do this.  Hearing or no hearing I'm going to let the form 4 lapse.  [The form 4 is a piece of paper the psychiatrist files to continue another 4 weeks of incarceration.  There was no limit on the length of incarceration a psychiatrist could demand of a criminally accused individual.]

AC: I'm not going to attach that form lifting or discontinuing to anything.  So we're just going to go through the whole, whatever days it's valid for [about 25 additional days beyond 26 Oct 2012, having been started on 22 Oct 2012] and we'll have you as our guest then.  Does that seem reasonable then?

RH: You're insane!

In the two months of psychiatric imprisonment from 3 Sept 2012 to 30 Oct 2012, the psychiatrist ordered all nursing staff to restrict visitors to prevent the man from passing letters to supporters, in particular, his wife Lindsay, his fiancee at the time.

Psychiatrist Anjana Chawla claimed the teacher suffered a "love obsession" with the Church treasurer based on hearsay evidence.  The man had emails from the treasurer disproving the current allegations, but the problem was the psychiatrist.  The doctor refused to believe that the man was actually engaged to Lindsay, whom he wed in 2017 after recovery from the psychiatric abuse.  Ms. Chawla declared the man legally incompetent in order to inject him with antipsychotic medication, which the teacher had refused to take because he wanted a criminal trial to address the criminal accusations.  The psychiatrist also believed the Church minister's allegation of child abuse, based entirely on only one picture of his son with three mosquito bites.  The psychiatrist assured the teacher that she will have the Children's Aid Society (CAS) of Simcoe County remove his custody.  The doctor insisted the point so strongly that the first CAS worker, Natasha, resigned her job.  The second investigator, Jamie-lynn, agreed Anjana Chawla abused her authority when the psychiatrist bribed the teacher on 22 Nov 2012.

On 30 Oct 2012, after two months of imprisonment on presumption of criminal guilt, Dr. Chawla released the man.  The man had no choice.  He had to accept a Community Treatment Order, a CTO.  She explained the CTO would be renewed after 6 months, and told the man to expect to be under the CTO at least two years.  The CTO required the man to attend the hospital every week to receive forced injections.  

The psychiatrist made it clear, all she had to do was pick up the phone and the police would arrest the man wherever he may be and bring him back to the hospital to receive the injections.  In the recording of 26 Oct 2012 she said:

As a result of the CTO, if you don't take your medication or you don't follow up, if there are any concerns, you don't have to go to emerge you will come straight to us.  That CTO allows us to get you from the community to be admitted straight to us.  

The well-meaning psychiatrist increased the dosage of antipsychotic injections each week, each week causing only more spinal pain.  The medication did nothing except solidify the teacher's resolve to end psychiatric abuse, as this story clearly indicates.  Additionally, antipsychotic medication naturally causes the body to adopt a physical dependency (i.e. the body becomes used to it, addicted to it).  Normally, a sane mental health protocol requires a doctor to taper a patient off an addictive substance.  It certainly does not suggest a dosage increase unto the last injection.  The psychiatrist kept raising the dosage, knowing the injection on 22 Nov 2012 would be the last.  Three weeks after the man was released, on 22 Nov 2012, psychiatrist Anjana Chawla bribed the man to lower a blog jeopardizing her reputation.  In exchange, the psychiatrist restored the man's right to refuse mediation.  The blog contained names of fellow patients whom Dr. Chawla abused.  Among them, Stephanie Theresa Holts, born 23 July 1990, committed suicide in November 2012 after being repeatedly abused by both psychiatrists and police officers in Barrie.

The teacher lost his job.  In the middle of his teaching contract, Georgian College managers insisted the man was not qualified to teach a program he'd been teaching the past three years.  Not knowing what else to do, and not understanding that he had momentarily lost all hope, the teacher obtained a licence to drive a school bus in February 2013.  Then inspiration, or hope, returned.  On March 1st and 2nd, 2013, the man insisted on a fair criminal trial to redress the psychiatric abuse just lived.  Police arrested the man and formally admitted him into the criminal justice system of Ontario.

From 2 March 2013 until 19 Oct 2015, the man spent the majority of his time at Central North Correctional Center (CNCC) in Penetaguishene, Ontario.  Prosecutors back-dated the incident to include the time of correspondence between the man and senior Mormon ministers in the USA.  However the focus of the criminal proceedings was entirely on allegations of the local church treasurer.

Doctor Gunter Lorberg considered himself the chief psychiatrist at CNCC.  He oversaw the 1100 inmates.  He also insisted the man, whom psychiatrists Anjana Chawla and Liaqat Ali diagnosed with Delusional Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Schitzo-Affective Disorder, Manic, Hysteric, and generally "severely mentally ill" be kept separate from other inmates.  As a result, he was kept locked into his cell all day, every day, with only an average 1-hour release per week to use the phone and shower.  Three additional psychiatrists, Van Impe, De Freitas, and Dickey joined the story alongside Lorberg to try to declare the man not criminally responsible, legally insane.

The man waited 16 months in solitary confinement until the court finally offered a trial.  At the trial Ontario Superior Court trial in Barrie, case file C-13-205-SR, judge Gregory Mulligan ruled that the man was not allowed to submit any psychiatric evidence in his own defence.  During the two-week trial, the judge agreed to allow the jury to see the 4 Sept 2012 police report, but then the judge dismissed the jury, and ruled that the 4 Sept 2012 police report cannot be allowed as evidence.  The 4 Sept 2012 police report clearly proved that prosecutors intentionally committed a Double Jeopardy.

Emails from the man proved that the treasurer was lying.  Unfortunately, The Criminal Code Of Canada, alongside the official 4 Sept 2012 police report from detective Brian Read, legally prevented the man from receiving a fair trial because the Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms, the first chapter of Canada's 1982 Constitution, prevents a Double Jeopardy.  A Double Jeopardy occurs when police arrest an individual a second time after the government already incarcerated the man on presumption of guilt.  

After the judge denied the man to enter psychiatric evidence as defence of instigating the 2 March 2013 arrest, the judge found the man guilty and sentenced the man to "time served" on 30 June 2014.  Strangely, although the judge refused to allow psychiatric evidence, the judge did allow psychiatrist Lorberg to order the man to remain incarcerated after the judge officially released the man.  So which, of the psychiatrist or the judge, is the real authority in courts of law in Canada?  If the judge says "You can go" and the psychiatrist says "You can't go", why should the psychiatrist out-rule a Superior Court judge?  

At the time, 2012 to 2015, psychiatrist Gunter Lorberg also owned a Methadone Clinic in Barrie.  As chief psychiatrist at CNCC, he had a virtually limitless pool of Methadone clients given the proper prescriptions.

The man spent the next year, 2015, attempting to shed light on a critical oversight of the greater judicial system: although courtrooms and police stations audio-record testimony, to verify the intended meaning of a statement should dispute arise, psychiatrists are allowed to:

1)     presume criminal guilt;

2)     keep individuals indefinitely incarcerated without a criminal trial; and,

3)     deny anyone to verify any of the psychiatrist's claims because the psychiatrist is allowed to refuse to audio or video record interviews based exclusively on the rational "Each patient is unique and different psychiatrists do not want to share unique, proprietary, strategies.".

That's exactly the same as saying that psychiatrists don't need to follow an operational standard except to agree to always support each other's professional diagnoses.  Psychiatrist James (Jamie) Karagianis testified to that state in court in July 2015.  Details, court transcripts, and other documents supporting this story, are the book "The Choice Amidst The Argument In The Business Of Being Happy: a course in miracles for worldwide peace".

The details of Canada's legal confusion and wanton psychiatric malpractice are unbelievable.  In total, 10 doctors are directly involved.  They are listed in order of appearance.  The doctor's Ontario College Of Physicians And Surgeon's (CPSO) licence number is in brackets after the doctor's name:

1.     Ali, Liaqat (63312);

2.     Chawla, Anjana (84905);

3.     Lorberg, Gunter Wolfgang (72223);

4.     Van Impe, Jeffrey John Howard (82520);

5.     De Freitas, Karen Denise (71381);

6.     Dickey, Robert Lee (32295);

7.     Komer, William Joseph (55555);

8.     Karagianis, James Leslie (80478);

9.     Wong, Leslie Kin Long (86592); and

10.  Wozniak, Andrzej Eugeniusz (74339).

In Chinese:



All doctors except Wozniak were psychiatrists (精神科醫生).  Andrew Wozniak was different.  Andrew was a G.P. (General Practitioner), originally from Poland, and family doctor of the man's son and mother (the son's grandmother).  Andrew told the man's mother that the man cannot live in the same house as the man's son, on grounds of extreme mental illness, after spending three years arguing with prosecutors and judges about:

  1. the fact that police indefinitely imprison hundreds of people each year without a trial;
  2. judges allow psychiatrists to presume criminal guilt in Canada;
  3. the law does not define the word "mind" anywhere;
  4. something that isn't defined can't legally be diagnosed with disorder; and,
  5. doctors erroneously assume a physical substance originates health, or creative potential.


The man claimed that mind originates thought, and exists beyond the brain so that, after physical death, the entity retains awareness.  In effect, the man merely argued the obvious point that life must be continuous because an ever-changing reality is ALWAYS changing, and fact of "always" establishes an unrecognized eternal reality.  For example, if one's thinking process includes memory, which is the natural ability of mind to bridge two different points in time, then the ability to bridge time requires also existence in a state beyond concept of time. 


The man merely tied the concept of quantum computing, which involves existence of qubits, non-physical particles existing outside linear time, as a natural effect of, also, one's unrecognizable mind, which psychiatrists vehemently insisted didn't exist because psychiatrists can't see or hear or smell or touch it.  Psychiatry is really only about control, control over one's thinking, the erasing of freewill.


The man's mother grew up in a culture instilling the belief that "the doctor is always right, trust the doctor."  Dr. Wozniak put the fear of God into the man's mother, who helplessly offered the man a plane ticket to Taiwan to be with is fiance, Lindsay.  The man wasn't sure if Taiwan would allow the man entry, but he had nothing left to loose.  The man arrived in Taiwan on 30 Dec 2015.



E.    The story continues in Taiwan

A lot has happened in Taiwan since the man's arrival on 30 Dec 2015.


On 26 July 2019, the man submitted a 666-page official complaint to the Law Society Of Ontario (LSO), Canada.  The basic issue is the Ontario Superior Court judge, Mr. Gregory Mulligan, and the lead Ontario prosecutor, Ms. Kathryn Hull in case file C-13-205-SR at Barrie during the criminal trial in June 2014.  Sure, two church officials, a Minister and Treasurer, gave false testimony in court, but that part is specific to the accused.  The national Canadian issues is that both the judge and prosecutor, Mr. Mulligan and Ms. Hull, intentionally allowed the court to deny the defendant to submit psychiatric evidence, after prosecutors spent an entire year trying to clear the defendant criminally insane.  The judge refused to allow the 4 Sept 2012 police report, which clearly evidences that either a Double Jeopardy occurred (meaning the defendant should be released on Constitutional grounds, and paid a lot of money because he spent 16 months in solitary confinement awaiting the trial), or that the defendant is truly innocent. 


The man is trying to HELP Canadians to STOP judges from allowing psychiatrists to be judge, jury, and executioners of Canadian law.  What's the point of law school if medical doctors are let to command the law?


There was no reply to the official submission to the LSO.  The Canadian Consulate's office in Taipei, and Ontario Members Of Parliament deflected responsibility.  The Law Society Of Ontario gave no reply, despite written assurance in the submission form that all submissions will receive a reply.


The 2021 Plan rejuvenates the original 2012 idea.


Unlike Hong Kong, Taiwan is an island home to 23 million people.  It's a decent size, about as big as Holland, with some mountains, a lot of farms, two growing seasons, and beautiful year-round beaches.  Only the highest mountain gets snow.  From south, west, and north, straight north of Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, east of India, Myanmar, and China, and south of Korea and the eastern part of China, Taiwan enjoys an always-warm climate in the East China Sea on the west side of the North Pacific, southeast of China.


The government of Taiwan is officially called the Republic Of China (ROC).  And the ROC, just to be clear, is not ChinaChina might own the ROC, but the ROC is neither the land called China nor the PRC government in control of China.  The ROC and PRC are about as similar as a cat and a hat, one fits inside the other, not vice versa.


The goal hasn't changed: to unite the world.  It's admittedly grandiose, but possible in just 49 days if each day we each share the idea as a real project with one new person. 


F.    Solving confusion: eternal socialism?


Think of pure socialism like Heaven, where all is shared and no lack, want, or needs of any kind exists.  From our current situation on Earth, pure socialism is an idea, a far-off idea, only something to consider.  The model city described in the 2021 plan would be an example, a science-experiment on a worldwide scale, to determine whether a purely socialist society could work.  It is a voluntary agreement.


This part gets confusing.  It talks about our mind, and eternity.  Some religions ask members to take a special shower, or eat special foods, in order to be "accepted" into an eternal state.  Since the plan is a simple idea using the basic idea promoted by every major religion in the world, except without the idea of specialness, this section includes a note about "eternity".


Because the world is always changing, and "always" means eternally, we know only that a truly constant reality exists.  "Always" exists.  We just don't know what it is, because it's always changing.  We can't be absolutely certain of anything else.  We can be certain of nothing more.


Since eternity is limitless, only one kind of eternity can exist.  That actually means the only "Hell" is one that we make right now, but that's beside the point.  Because eternity is singular by definition, it's also constant.  And this is where there's confusion.  "Constant" doesn't mean "not changing", but it does mean always consistent. 


We can call it a "changeless" reality, but only because we're not aware of the ever-amplification effect of goodness, which must eternally exist since it exists in here.  Goodness, kindness, is more than a "cancelling" because it also serves to educate, to convert, others into more acts of goodness.  Think of kindness as the ultimate computer virus.


Imagine a cup of milk.  If the milk didn't change, it'd stay as just one cup of milk forever.  To understand eternity, imagine an eternal cup.  Start with just the milk.  Imagine yourself inside the milk, imagining the milk to be contained, somehow.  Remember eternity has no limit.  Since eternity is limitless, there is no "outside".  Rather, we're aware of only the milk and then swim to the edge, looking to know the limit, to reach the container, only to find ourselves in need of rest before continuing, endlessly, as the milk itself is without end.  The milk seems to grow in our need of thinking ourselves to be moving it.  In actuality, we can't be sure that the milk is even moving, so we can only be certain that the size is "changeless", which means "changelessly infinite".  In the end, we can only be sure that we exist, and that we seem to be in an ever-changing environment so consistently as to baffle us entirely.


The criteria of "always", in a changing reality, is to be "always growing" and NOT "always the same", to include a universe that is always changing.  We can't be absolutely sure that eternity is "always growing", but we can be certain that it "isn't not" growing.  Watch the double negative there. 


We see the universe as always changing, so we know that eternity can grow, but it remains with constant existence by definition.  So from our perspective, of the two possible assumptions--1) to be "always the same without increase" or 2) to be "always the same with increase"--we have to choose the assumption that includes "limitless".  If something exists always but does not increase, then it is limited.  Therefore, the universe is neither limited, nor will it ever end, because it is literally trying to counter, or mirror, a limitless reality in the criterion of "always" changing. 


Eternity means "has no limits", "continues forever", and "doesn't stop or end", the "sameness" part is implied in the first three.


A reality that never changes is true by definition.  And a reality that does not exist, well, does not exist.  Since all things in the universe are always changing, we can be certain that a "changeless" reality exists because change requires limits. 


Our changing universe is inside an eternal realty, that's all.  And this is the tricky part.  This reality is like a "dream", not actually real.  Of course it's not a dream.  Our Earth IS real, as every dream is to the dreamer.  But the dream ends when the dreamer awakes.  The dream doesn't end of its own volition, nor does waking come through death.  The dreamer sustains the dream, without realizing the dreamer is dreaming. 


As we explore varying mindsets of believed realities, we come to know ourselves and our eternally united wholesome mind more and more.  That's our guarantee in life.  In the same way, well, we have a lot of creative potential and legal "wiggle" room.


Our governing legal structure congeals our eternal nightmare.  It strives to mirror constancy with laws that are eternally consistent.  Laws are always changing to become more consistent.  This is happening all over our planet, even in the "rules" of classrooms.  The environment naturally seeks its own sustainability that way.  Ultimately, there will be just one government on Earth before there is no need of any government, if we do it right.  If we do it wrong, it'll be all out war and we'll destroy the planet, and begin again, so that future is irrelevant. 


All futures exist, but only one is ever best at any moment in time, and that one is always relative to any perceiver.  All perceives must share the same perception in the end, because the end, as it was at the start, is the same eternal concept of self.  There is only ONE mind, and that mind is yours.


To quote Edwin Schroedinger (1887-1961), Nobel Prize in Physics winner in 1933:

"The number of minds in the universe is one."


As thinking changes, memory changes, and behaviours change.  Behaviour ultimately comes from choice, including the choice to forgive ourselves of the thought "I don't remember ever having a choice."  This happens over the course of lifetimes, since life is always everywhere continuous. 


Life, by definition, is already eternal since eternity exists without limits of any kind. 


The physical process we call decay isn't life.  It's part of the process of altering perspective, like in a dream.


As we near a singular all-encompassing goal, our tolerance of legal inconsistencies diminishes to almost zero.  This is a natural by product of understanding what it means to have an eternal mind.  Our thinking processes appear "not normal" to others because we are simply thinking outside their more limited scope of imagination.  A true idea, or concept, is yet ridiculous to such individuals, who must consider the way we live as outright impossible.  To us it's just "logic".  And, if we haven't mastered control over our own reactions, errant behaviour escapes us like steam through a rear's pressure-release valve.  The smallest triggers can produce outrageous overreactions.  The willingness of a spouse to be habitually forgiving is paramount.


This doesn't give us permission to act like a-holes, black or white knights.  If we really understood it, we'd find we have the requirement to do to others as we would want done to ourselves, not force or manipulate others but leave others be while they remain lost in their own confusion.  "They are not ready because you have not figured yourself out yet."  And certainly not do to others what we would not want done to us.  Always without harm means harm always to none.  The forgiveness lesson is learning to spin the process like a plate, to never need to think about it but simply to be always forgiving, and able to say "No.  What you're doing isn't right.  Here's a better way.  (So stop what you're doing or find yourself in a Kindergarten-style time-out.)"  Then leave off, edit out, the last part because it sounds "threatening" to the fear-plagued among us.


In the end, tolerance to legal inconsistencies must diminish TO zero, in order to regain the constant awareness of unity of mind, the singular mind which the singular spirit uses to think, no longer in need of lessons beckoning more training.  In that way, every single person on the planet right now who is collectively advocating for any part of a common sustainability is actually sharing the same one wholey voice.  


Saying that communism is "bad" is like communists torturing religious practitioners.  It does nothing.  It only demonstrates a strong conviction.  Current Chinese officials believe in their government, and they've demonstrated willingness to kill of that belief.  It's not different than USA soldiers fighting in wars each year of the past 100 years.  At least the Chinese are doing it on their own soil.  Remember, they're as much part of your greater mind as anyone else.


It's YOUR Choice.  That's what the story means.  Your choice matters because cooperation is the way of miracles, and miracles collapse the need of time.  There is no God here, only you.


One might imagine "Your choice doesn't really matter" as a correct response from an eternal perspective.  The logic is incorrect.  That's what the phrase "Time waits on your choice" means.  It means slight perspective adjustments are needed in order to understand one's whole self as being also the ground under one's feet.



G.    End-notes

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